Belle Knox

Belle Knox

Belle Knox is probably best known as The Duke Porn Star. She had barely turned 18 when she starred in her first adult video. She had planned on using the money she was making in porn to pay her massive tuition bill at Duke University. When she was recognized on campus, her story exploded and she was outed as a porn star. The media caught wind of her story and the legend of the Duke Porn Star was born. Of course outing a hot little thing like Bella Knox only served to make her more famous and help her make even more money.

But not all of it has been good, the now 19-year-old tells Huffington Post that she expected some people would hate her after she became an adult film actress. But she didn’t expect the intense vitriol to reach this point. Not even close. In the past few months, Belle Knox’s porn career has driven the prestigious school  into such a frenzy that she can no longer go to parties. She said that some people are supportive, about 70%, but the 30% aren’t and they can be down right vicious even sending her and her family death threats. But in the end, so also seems to have benefited from the fame with so many offers for work she has to turn down most of them. There’s only 24 hours in a day after all.

Around February 2015 Belle Knox deleted her twitter account and official Facebook page and officially retired from porn and is if rumors are to be believed, busy with her sophomore year at Duke University and spending her free time as a political activist, specifically for a libertarian group on her campus. Will Belle Knox return to porn? Perhaps one day but for right now she seems to be perfectly happy being a college student.


United States

Bella Knox was born on Jun 9, 1995 in San Antonio, Texas, which makes her a Gemini.  As a full time student at Duke University, that means she lives in Durham, North Carolina and travels to California on her off time to make movies, which makes LA pretty much her second home. Her measurements are 32A-24-34.

These photos of Belle Knox are from Adam and Eve TV

These photos of Belle Knox are from Adam and Eve TV


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Porn Star Belle Knox

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