Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions here at Fame Registry. If you find you have a question that isn’t answered here you can always click the contact us link (at the very top of this and every page) and let me know what it is you wish to know.

How often is the Fame Registry updated?

Our database which tracks porn stars is updated at least once per month but sometimes two or three times. It really just depends on if we are adding new starlets or links to new photosets or video clips. Some features however get updated only once per year such as the # of awards a starlet has won since simply put, awards shows only take place once a year.

How do you pick which porn stars will be included?

It’s based on a few factors. The first and most obvious is are we able to track the porn star in question based solely on her name? For example there is a porn star by the name of August Night who now simply goes by the name of August. The sources we use to track popularity of the girls would prohibit us from properly tracking this porn star simply because well a) she only has a first name and b) her first name also happens to be a month in the calendar so any data we may get would be corrupted by the other uses or meanings of that word. Next we check to see if they have an official website or at the very least a myspace page. If they do we move on to the final step which to see if they have been in at least a few movies. If they have then we will typically add her to our database.

When you do updates why is one porn star updated today while another’s may have gotten updated two weeks ago?

Typically all updates are done at the same time however when the program runs to do the update certain problems may come up which using twitter as an example, the program may not find a certain account for any of a number of reasons including the porn star changed her twitter name, her account got suspended, or just random internet craziness. In those cases the names are recorded then we have to do a manual update at a later time, when we track down the problem. If during this process we find the porn star removed her twitter all together and we do extensive research to find this out, we then remove that start from the twitter updates all together. For example, at the time I wrote this I ran the Twitter update script for the month and it came back with an error for Kacey Jordan. It turns out that last week she deleted her twitter page. Now had she just changed her name, then we would hunt down what her new twitter name is, update our database and rerun the twitter update just on that star.

What specific sources of data do you track?

Well we can’t give away all of our secrets but in general we track publicly available data such as Alexa rankings, how many friends a porn star has on twitter, how many industry awards a porn star has won including the three main adult industry awards – AVN, XRCO and FAME. We also track how many times a day someone searches for a porn stars name in the search engines and how popular the porn star’s name is in Google.

What is the point system?

It’s actually a very complicated system but the general idea is this …. we look at a single source of data such as the # of followers a porn star may have on Twitter. We list off every porn star in our database that has a Twitter account and then we list off how many followers each of those starlets have and then rank them in order of who has the most. The winners of this are given points towards overall popularity. Next we move on to another subject such as AVN awards and list off every porn star who has ever won an AVN award. Those who have won the most awards are awarded points toward overall popularity. Next we list every porn star who has an official website. We enter their website at Alexa and see where Alexa ranks them based on their own system of traffic ranking. Those who have the most traffic to their website according to Alexa will be given points towards their overall popularity. This goes on and on for each source of data we have until finally all of the points are added up and we have a winner for the most popular porn star.

Why is Jenna Jameson not listed?

Believe it or not but this is actually the most commonly asked question we get and the answer is simple. Years ago Jenna Jameson turned her nose up at the industry that made her a multi-millionaire and decided she should no longer be called a porn star. So in compliance with her wishes, we will no longer list her as a “porn star” and as such she can’t be ranked as the most popular porn star in the world if she’s no longer a porn star. Update: As of 2014, we have added Jenna Jameson to our rankings since she has returned to the industry of her own accord, doing live webcam shows for her fans and even hosted the XBIZ 2014 awards.

How did you start all of this?

A friend of mine is big into domaining which is the business of buying domain names at wholesale prices and trying to resale them for a small profit. When helping him write a script to gather data used to value a domain name, I realized the same type of public data could also be used to value a porn star, since like a porn star, the value of the domain name was based on the popularity of the words or names that make up the domain name. For example the word Love is more popular than Hate so the domain name has more value than Based on the popularity of the keyword love alone, is worth millions whereas wouldn’t really be worth even $250,000. Those very same concepts apply to porn star names. The name Tera Patrick is searched more on the internet than say Gina Lynn so by the very nature of the popularity of her name, she is worth more, if she were a domain. I took that concept a step further and started calculating things in like how many twitter followers they have and how many awards they each won and how many times they were in major magazines like Penthouse and Hustler and ran the numbers and it worked. It produced for the first time a real, trackable history of porn stars and who is most famous right now.

Where did the Vivid girl list go?

Being a “Vivid girl” used to hold a certain level of status in the world of porn stars so I thought it would be fun to track which Vivid girls were most popular … sort of a who is the best of the best sort of thing. But the days of Vivid’s domination in the porn world have long since passed and as such it was really pointless to continue to track the popularity of their past contract stars.