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Sunny Leone began her career in porn in 2005 and shortly after signed on as a contract performer for Vivid. Her status as a Vivid girl wasn’t immediately cemented, as she would only work with other girls. But her fans didn’t seem to mind and loved seeing Sunny Leone in some girl on girl action and her high movie sales helped to convince Vivid higher ups to keep Sunny Leone around for many years.

Eventually Sunny Leone would venture out on her own and form her own production company called Sunlust Pictures where she has more control over what she wants the movies to be about, who will star in each of the movies and even what they wear and what kind of sex they have. Many industry experts advised her against making the movie in a time when the economy was seeing a downturn but she didn’t listen and kept on. It turned out to be a great move and sales for her movies continue to be strong despite a economic setbacks for other companies in the adult business.

Sunny Leone has been one of the few porn stars in the history of porn who has enjoyed as much mainstream success. She is now a full blown “Bollywood” star and enjoys the life of a movie star in India where she has recently moved to with her husband and on screen porn partner Ariel King aka “Dirrty” who was recently featured in a story in India Today.

Sunny Leone had husband Daniel Weber in tow when she returned to India for the premiere of Jism 2. While she is known for doing what she does, he has been an adult star himself, going by names such as Ariel King and Dirrty. He was a guitarist in a band called The Spyderz, before producing films such as Roleplay and Sunny’s Slumber Party. Now, a lead vocalist and guitarist in the four-member rock and roll band, The Disparrows, he makes adult films for the couple’s adult film company, Sun Lust Pictures. Quite a pair.

Sunny Leone’s measurements are 34D-24-34 and she stands 5 foot 4 inches tall. Sunny Leone celebrates her birthday on May 13, 1981 and she was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Sunny Leone is a Taurus. Despite being born in Canada her heritage is actually Indian.  Both of her parents were Indian and that is what helped her crossover to mainstream India movies.

She was the Penthouse Pet of the month for March 2001 and the Penthouse Pet of the year for 2003.


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Porn Star Sunny Leone

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